Saturday, November 25, 2006

Pilgrim I finally have a free moment to update my blog! Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! Check out my movie selection to the right..I'll add more soon. Some of the movies have been out for awhile, but Dylan and I love the documentaries! Especially the politically, global warming and human/civil rights driven documentaries...
Let's see I haven't updated in about a week and a half, so there is alot to catch up on. Still looking for a job, but this week has been slow with the holidays and all. But in my spare time I've had some fun! Last Friday night, Trisha and I went to see a Private Screening of The Holiday with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black and Kate Winslet. It was pretty good, but a bit of a chick flick. Trisha got us press passes, so we had great seats and we saw Steven Cojocaru too. Here's a pic of him:

I was also able to fanagle a couple free tickets to the American Music Awards last Tuesday, if Dylan and I sat in the audience for America's Funniest videos (to be aired January 7th). So, we went to America's Funniest Video's last Sunday, which was really fun after all and we will definitely be on TV for that one. Then last Tuesday, we had great free seats for the American Music Awards and I cannot even begin to name all the celebrities, who were there. But it was great to see Britney Spears, Paris, Nicole Ritchie, Snoop Dogg and all the trendy stars that I like for some odd reason ;)

Last but not least, my in-laws came for Thanksgiving last Wednesday and we hung out for the holidays. On Wednesday, we went to the Getty Museum, on Thursday we went to Griffith Park and the Sunset Strip, then Friday we visited Uncle Kenny and Aunt Jane, who live in Port Hueneme near Ventura. Here are some pics from our time together:

Pics from the Getty Museum

Pics from Griffith Park

Pics of Port Hueneme with Uncle Kenny and Aunt Jane

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and please keep in touch! Here are more pics for your viewing pleasure: Thanksgiving pictures

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tonight I went to the Dancing with the Stars Finale with my friend Trisha. I saw soo many celebrities that I do not know where to begin. We were seated in the VIP area right behind the cameras, so we were only televised briefly. But it was a wonderful night and of course you all know by now that Emmitt Smith won! Anyway, more to come and it's looking like we'll be at the American Music Awards next week too :) So, I'll stop sending out the email blasts and hope that ya'll keep reading my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment, as I know a few of you are reading this ;)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just a quick blog as this has been a somewhat slow week for excitement and celebrities.
First and foremost...check this out:
Dylan and I were in the audience of the Realtime with Bill Maher show on 11/03/06, but you have to watch closely ;)

Last Sunday, Dylan and I drove down to Redondo Beach (where they film the OC) and watched the was beautiful :) So, I thought I would upload a couple of pics of the sunset, the pier, Dylan and me:

Then on Wednesday, we were in the audience of the David Steinberg show and he interviewed Roseanne Barr. I'll update this site with the time and channel the show will be televised, because there were many shots taken of the audience and I know we'll be in the televised production, because the camera was facing us the first half of the interview. Here is the website for more info on the show:

Yesterday (Saturday), Dylan and I went hiking and here are a few shots of the Valley, where we live, and one of me:

Yes, I have lost a little weight and I hope to lose a ton more!
Last night, I went out with Denise C. for dinner and a discussion on politics, as she is my fellow democrat friend in LA and we had alot to celebrate after last week's election :) The democrats won the House and the Senate for those of you, who don't turn on the TV ;) Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to take pics of us, but I'll definitely take some pics next time.

Oh yeah, and it looks like Dylan and I will be seatfillers for the American Music Awards on Tuesday, November 21st, but it's not 100% confirmed yet. You know I'll update this site if it happens. So, do you think I like LA? NAA!! Just need to find a job, but I have a feeling it will happen soon... I've been spending my weekdays and part of my weekends looking for a job. So, don't worry too much mom :) All my best, Cheri

Saturday, November 04, 2006

So, it's been about 2 weeks, since I last blogged ;) I thought it was about time. Last weekend, I visited San Jose, for what was supposed to be a Halloween Party, but was cancelled about a week before. Since I already had my flight plans and had not been back to SJ since we moved down here, I thought I'd go for a weekend visit and see some ol' friends and my brother and niece. I must say...when I first landed, I felt like I was home and it did get me a bit teary eyed. But the more I thought about it, LA is starting to feel like home now too. Anyway, on Friday night I hung out with Katie and we made our usual trip to the Blvd. (local bar), where I saw Darla too :) Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I didn't take any pics that night with my friends. But on Saturday, I drove up to Fairfield to see my brother and niece. Now of course this trip was picture worthy and here are a few pics of my niece...

On the soccer field :)

Posing for the camera. I need to get this girl into advertising and/or modeling, or maybe even acting. Have you ever seen such a beautiful and adorable girl in your life? I must be biased...

The rest of my weekend was great and I visited with Jenni and Tyler Winter on Sunday too! All in all a great weekend! Flew back to Burbank on Sunday night and was happy to see Dylan when he picked me up too!

So, beginning Monday I was back to the job search and I'm beginning to get some really great prospects, but nothing has panned out just yet. Although, I feel like I'm really close and it may involve another small move, but it won't be very far from where we are now. More news on the job search to come...

On Thursday, Dylan and I went to the Rehearsal of the Real Time with Bill Maher show in Hollywood. It was a great experience to see the process of how the show developed. Then last night, we were in the audience of the actual taping of the show. Alec Baldwin and RoseAnn Barr were both on the show. It was so much fun! Check out this website for more info: Bill Maher Show. Can you believe I actually know some people who have not seen this show? Mom ;) Again, I'm not going to mention my political affiliation, but you can guess that I'm somewhat of a liberal...but Alec Baldwin really had some great points and believe it or not so did RoseAnn Barr. Just a note, when the camera wasn't on Alec, he would stare intently out to the audience and not move his head at all. It actually felt like he was just staring at me. It was kind of weird, to be honest, but maybe that's just the way those "actors" are supposed to act. On the other hand, it was kind of cool think he may have been looking at me ;) Anyway, I could go on forever on this subject, just please vote this Tuesday (even if our electronic voting Diebold computers are miscalculating your vote). Shoot, I did it again...just vote!!!

Okay, and last but not are the short films, I promised a couple weeks ago:
Gotta give my husband credit, great editing on his part...but again I may be biased :)
All my best, Cheri

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