Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So...after I left Fairfield on Sunday, February 25th (see post below), I drove down to San Jose to stay with my friend Katie, while I was in working at company headquarters and training during the weekdays. I watched the Oscars on Sunday night (of course) and also visited with Katie and her niece. Julia, Katie's niece, is just adorable! Here's a couple pics of Katie and her niece:

On Monday night I met up with a few of my co-workers for a going away party for our good friend, Stan. Here's a couple pics of them:
Jons, Satish and Maj
Christopher and Brian (my favorite Sales guys)
On Tuesday night, I met up with Jenni Winter for dinner, then after I stopped by my favorite Los Gatos tavern to meet up with Darla and Thomas for a couple of drinks. Thursday night I went out with Katie and Amanda for a very nice dinner too! Sorry, no pics from the last two nights :(.
Anyway, Thursday night I drove the standard 5 hours home to LA and then my girl weekend began...get ready for Part 3.

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