Friday, September 21, 2007

Thought I would begin my blog with a recent picture, I snapped of the Santa Cruz Islands, on my way back to San Jose from LA.

Again, it's been way too long since I've blogged. Dave and I have now been living out of a suitcase for about 2 months and it is getting quite tiring, but we wanted to find the right place. Plus, I went to LA last week to train my co-worker, who replaced me down south. I had a great time in LA and had a little extra time to see a few friends. Here are a few pics:
Trisha and Me****************Me and Vincent Young (Donna's boyfriend on BH 90210)

Thomas and Trisha*******Denise and Jen singing Karaoke when I turned into the paparazzi ;)
This last week, I worked...alot. I was able to see the Emmy's on TV (ya know how I love award shows). I feel television is a great medium to express political/social views and found this acceptance speech to be very informative:
I'm also making an effort to try and secure seats at either the Oscars and/or the Golden Globes next year, but nothing guaranteed just yet.
I have more exciting news, but will update my blog tomorrow...I'm tired. Goodnight!

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