Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dave just finished my dad's new website, check it out at !!!!
Election Day
It's almost November 4th! Find your voting location on
Google Maps
Here's a cool non-biased video from CNN, which may help inspire you to vote:

Dave and I decided to stay home this year for Halloween, as our work week was very time consuming and the last two weeks have kept us very busy. I think this was the first time I didn't dress up for Halloween, but I'm okay with it.
Last week, we had a Rebranding Party for the
company I work for, I drove up to my brother's place for a Harvest Party (Wine Tasting) and hung out with my friends, Amanda and Katie on Friday night. Here are a few pics from last week:
Harvest Party (Saturday, October 25th)
Tito, Natalie and Brian (bro)..............Tanya and Brian

Katie and me...............Me, Tanya and Natalie at the Harvest Party

Rebranding Party Pics
Jeff and Christopher (Sales Guys)...Alex, Ricky, Jeff, Mike and Paul (variety of positions)

Pete, Me and Steve (CEO and President)...Ricky and Me

Today we's me with my ballot! You'll never guess who I voted for...
Barack Obama
Not too much planned for the next few weeks (besides the big election), but if anything comes up...I'll blog it.

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