Friday, January 09, 2009

new years 2009
Well, 2008 is over and I had a pretty good place to live (where I can garden to my hearts content), new convertible car (where I can enjoy the California sun), reconnecting with old friends (speaks for itself), traveling up and down California (Mendocino, LA, Solvang, Cambria, Napa and Redding), spending time with friends in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, visiting family in Washington state & Oregon and traveling to Chicago for the first time with co-workers for fun & business. There has also been some bad. Not just bad for me, but for my family and friends,as well. Not to mention I didn't follow through on my goal last year to lose weight on the Natural WeightLoss Show, but I've decided to live my life looking at the positive going forward, because the more I think optimisticly, the happier I am and so are the people around me. Here are 100 pics of my 2008:

2009 has begun and I'm off to a good start...
I flew down to LA on Wednesday to be a seatfiller for the “People's Choice Awards” with my friend, Trisha, hung out with my friend, Melissa, Wednesday night and went to lunch with a couple of co-workers from our office in LA. I had a great time and was seated in the 6th row middle at the Awards show. A couple of people said they saw me on TV too!! I saw William Shatner when I stopped for coffee at Aroma's in Studio City, as well. Let me tell ya, it's a very surreal experience to see celebrities up close and personal. One celebrity I have always looked up to is Jenni Garth from Beverly Hills 90210 and Dancing with the Stars. I know, I know...I couldn't be more insane, but I enjoy the drama (hehe). People used to tell me I looked like her (many, many years ago), but you can see for yourself, as I stalked her at the Awards and she nicely agreed to snap a pic with crazy me:

Only two wishes this year. To be healthier and the other wish I'm keeping a secret (or it won't happen). No worries, as everything always comes out in the end ;)
2009 is also the year I'm going to be the big “40”! Ouch, it hurts just to say it. Thus the reason for my first be healthier.

Dave is also in full swing with his photography portfolio and building magnificent websites, including his own and my dad's. Please check them out at:

Sometimes I'll be watching TV and hear an awe inspiring quote. So I'll pause the show to write down the words. Today I was watching Grey's Anatomy and Dr. Grey gave this narration at the beginning and end of the show, which I obviously couldn't resist dictating for my blog, as I think this quote applies to all of our lives:

We all get at least one good wish a year over the candles on our birthday.
Some of us throw in more; on eye lashes, fountains, lucky stars...

Every now and then one of those wishes comes true...

So what then? Is it as good as we'd hoped? Do we bask in the warm glow of our happiness?
Or do we just notice we've got another long list of wishes waiting to be wished?

We wish because we need help and we're scared and we know we may be asking too much.

We still wish though, because sometimes they come true!

Here are a couple of websites, which I found inspiring:
After watching Oprah's “Best Life Series” last Monday on her show, I felt inspired to follow in her path for 2009. Check out this site where Oprah speaks candidly about her weight gain. See how she's getting back on track with the help of fitness expert Bob Greene and making the commitment to live her best life: – Best Life Series - Weight

Six common barriers to personal happiness and fulfillment and how to overcome them.
Why you're not Happy

No big plans in the near future, but I do plan to work on my health and catch up with more friends over the next few weeks.

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