Friday, June 19, 2009


Life may take you where you least expect it but always have faith you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

As I recently became one of the unemployed, I decided it’s time to pursue my dream to be a Writer. I figure since I write emails to customers all day, wrote several manuals and have been writing daily during my entire career span, it's worth a shot. I'm leaning toward a Technical Writing career since I've been in the high tech industry for over 15 years and am pursuing a Technical Writing certification at DeAnza College. Although, I’d be happy to write short articles and/or write a screenplay or two, as well. My primary goal is to keep a positive attitude and not give up! Here I go...

Check out my writing portfolio at:
Cheri's iFreelance Portfolio

My resume can also be found on my LinkedIn site:

Cheri’s LinkedIn

Here are a few websites, I frequently visit, which have helped to keep me in the loop on the latest high tech trends:

John Dvorak – Tech News and Trend Analysis - Social Media Guide

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