Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My 40th Birthday Celebration

So I am now the big 40... Do I feel 40? You ask. Well I can say the number 40 makes me feel like I'm finally a "Grown Up". Meaning as a child I recall looking forward to being a grown up and now I feel like I'm there. 40 is definitely different than 30.

I now know who my true friends are and my family is more important to me than anything in the world. At 20 and 30 I questioned how I felt about my family, but now I know how I feel about them...I love them :) I want nothing more than to ensure my family is happy and I do my best to keep in contact
with all of them. I also have new family from my husband, Dave, I love them just the same.

My friends...they are family too. A few of my friends, who were my friends at 30, are not my friends anymore and now I know it's for a reason. They wanted what they wanted, not necessarily what I wanted. I'm sure this feeling was the same on both sides. "These friends" are good people, but I know they didn't
believe in me and I learned they are not to be trusted, but I do wish them the best. The friends I have in my life now...they know! I obviously feel the same way about them. We go through ups and downs, I get upset with them, they get upset with me, but there is LOVE on both sides and we all know it. They are the best and I'll never let them go!

As is standard procedure for my milestone birthday (20th and 30th birthday) I ordered a fun jump, invited friends, family (and their kids) and performed the Centipede. Check out these pics from the party:
Fun Jump________________Amanda & Katie (awesome friends)

Dee, Darla and Ted (my 2nd family)_________Joyce (mom in law), Me and Tanya (BFF)

The girls (toasting to my Bday)

Rushelle and Me (aka Shelly and Cheri)___Dave's cousins and me (Amanda, Michelle and Me)

My Bro (Brian) and Katie______________Me and Emily (my awesome niece)

Jenni, Cheri and Veronica_______________Deirdre, Selina, Bro, Darla, Cat and Tarah

Here is "the video" of me doing the Centipede:

This picture means the world to me! It's a picture of Dave and Emily the evening of my actual birthday. Emily whispered in Dave's ear (earlier in the evening) then they both told me to go pick up a movie at the video store. I could sense they were planning something, so I went to the video store. When I returned back to our house they cleaned, decorated, made party hats and surprised me with a mini- birthday celebration. How can I not love them? I do :)

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