Sunday, November 12, 2006

Just a quick blog as this has been a somewhat slow week for excitement and celebrities.
First and foremost...check this out:
Dylan and I were in the audience of the Realtime with Bill Maher show on 11/03/06, but you have to watch closely ;)

Last Sunday, Dylan and I drove down to Redondo Beach (where they film the OC) and watched the was beautiful :) So, I thought I would upload a couple of pics of the sunset, the pier, Dylan and me:

Then on Wednesday, we were in the audience of the David Steinberg show and he interviewed Roseanne Barr. I'll update this site with the time and channel the show will be televised, because there were many shots taken of the audience and I know we'll be in the televised production, because the camera was facing us the first half of the interview. Here is the website for more info on the show:

Yesterday (Saturday), Dylan and I went hiking and here are a few shots of the Valley, where we live, and one of me:

Yes, I have lost a little weight and I hope to lose a ton more!
Last night, I went out with Denise C. for dinner and a discussion on politics, as she is my fellow democrat friend in LA and we had alot to celebrate after last week's election :) The democrats won the House and the Senate for those of you, who don't turn on the TV ;) Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to take pics of us, but I'll definitely take some pics next time.

Oh yeah, and it looks like Dylan and I will be seatfillers for the American Music Awards on Tuesday, November 21st, but it's not 100% confirmed yet. You know I'll update this site if it happens. So, do you think I like LA? NAA!! Just need to find a job, but I have a feeling it will happen soon... I've been spending my weekdays and part of my weekends looking for a job. So, don't worry too much mom :) All my best, Cheri

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