Monday, December 11, 2006

Not much to post this week, as I've been pretty busy looking for a job. I have a good feeling 2007 will be my year for the perfect job (or I'll win the lottery)! I'll take either one ;)
Ball Drop
Also, I thought I would note the added links on the lower left side of this blog. Check out my Favorite Websites and Movies by clicking on the link(s) and the URL will open in another browser window, so you can see the sites! Hope everyone is doing great this holiday season and keep in touch :)


Anonymous said...

Cheri! D & I had such a great time with you on Friday night. You crack me up with your stories - for real! :-) Denise

Cheri said...

Hey Denise, I had a great time last Friday too :) Yeah, I've got some pretty outrageous stories, but as I said that night...I have all the people I want in my life right here and now :)

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