Saturday, February 23, 2008

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Last week, Dave and I went to Monterey for the weekend for a post-Valentine’s Day/President's Day weekend celebration.
We had a great time except for my “painfully throbbing” toothache. I ended up getting a root canal last Tuesday, but the entire weekend was pretty much based on pain killers, alcohol and good weather for me. I’ve never had such a constant pain over that long a period of time, but being outdoors in such a beautiful place with my husband for the weekend happened to be more rewarding then the constant pain pounding in my mouth.
We also met up with our friends, Darla and Chuck, on Saturday night in Cannery Row for dinner and a few drinks.
On Sunday we went Whale Watching for the first time and we did see a few Gray Whales out in the distance and one school of dolphins. It was fun, but cold and I think we might try it again when the weather is better and when more whales can be seen later in the season. They say the best times to go whale watching in this area is between late March and early May. It's still fun, informative and a great experience, so be sure and give it a whirl sometime. Monday morning we checked out and drove over to Pebble Beach to film for our site.
Here are a few pics:

Oh yeah, can't forget we stopped in Capitola for dinner at Margaritaville on the way home:

See more pics on my Flickr site to the left.

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