Sunday, February 10, 2008

This week has been completely up and down. I've been working on changing my lifestyle regarding my food intake and workout routine (or lack there of) and all of this has been consuming my life these days...for the good!
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My brother and niece came down last weekend to visit for the first time, since we moved back from LA and we had a great time. My niece and I went to see the Hannah Montana Concert movie. It was such a great experience seeing her look through 3D glasses for the first time and feel like we were at an actual concert together...even though it was really fake (shhh). Then we came home and put on my High School Musical soundtrack on the iPod and turned out the lights and turned on the strobe light and danced until my niece was about to pass out standing about a wonderful time :) Here are a few pics from our weekend:

I've also added a few more sites to the right hand side column of this page, including Community Websites (Jason Calcanis and DK Hair Transplants) and Daily Zen and Freelance writing under my Favorite be sure and check them out.
Last but not least, you've got to check out the videos about Matt Damon on my Video Blog at Whenever I need a smile I rely on these videos to bring the smiles to me and it they haven't failed me yet!!

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