Thursday, May 22, 2008

Take a look at this ticket...

It's my ticket from the American Idol Finale (night before)!!! I drove down to LA last Monday night, stayed over my friend, Trisha's place and then we both headed over to the Nokia Theater to stand in line on Tuesday for the Live show. The drive was long and standing in line for over 5 hours in the hot sun was a bit grueling, but sooo WORTH IT!!
We also met some cool people and watched the Rehearsal too! We were not able to bring cell phones or cameras into the theater, but here are some pics from outside:
Trisha and Me......................Me, Trisha, Mindy and Megan

The line for American Idol (view from the Parking Garage)

Check out my Vlog at for the Finale video. All in all a good week! Now we're getting ready to move from an apartment to a house in the same city over the next couple of weeks, so my posts will be limited for the next few weeks. Hope ya'll are doing well and Happy Memorial Day!

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