Thursday, June 05, 2008

As I mentioned in my previous post, Dave and I moved from an apartment into a house. I love having a yard again and our own laundry room. Here's a short video of our new place (keep in mind, we are still unpacking):

Last week (May 30th) was my friend, Katie's birthday and here are a couple of pics from our day together:

This weekend Dave and I went to the Green Fair Silicon Valley
We met a couple Celebrities and learned about our local transportation system, composting, solar power and everything Green under the sun. Here are a few pics from our weekend:

This pic is me and Will Durst. For more information see:

We also met Ed Begley Jr., otherwise known as the King of Green! We saw him all the time when we lived in LA, but never snapped a pic. So, here's one:

For more information on Ed...check out: Living with Ed

I'm preparing for a trip to Chicago for work this week and I'm sure I'll have an update on my trip next weekend, so be sure and check back...

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