Friday, September 19, 2008

Dave and I have been staying local the last few weeks and this week I've taken the week off work to catch up around the house and we'll also be traveling to Seattle to visit Dave's mom and family the latter half of this week. Last week, Dave and I met up with his Dad and stepmom at the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival and this week I went to my co-worker/friend's Baby Shower. Here are a couple of pics:

I receiv
ed this email from my mom, who received it from a friend in Alaska and I felt the need to post it on my blog.... "Why did the news and the papers not report this in the lower 48 states? (it came to me through a London friend!!!!!!) Please forward and ask local media why this was not news?????? Alaska is still America, right?":

Check out Dave's Full Moon Pics from earlier this week: The Full Moon 09.15.08

I'm obviously an Obama supporter. Here's one more reason why...
'Good Will' Hunting...Sarah Palin
Ya'll come back now...ya here!

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