Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've been trying not to publish too much of my personal opinion on my blog, but then I think "what better place to post my opinions, then my blog". After much research and deliberation I've decided my vote is for Barack Obama. In fact, I cannot understand why anyone would consider voting differently? Again, just my opinion. I grew up as a Republican, only because I wanted to be like my dad...he is and was a leader (only in my mind and his, of course). Plus as a kid you think, "they've got to be right...they're my parents". Well, then I grew up and realized (after many errors in judgment on my part) that I'm entitled to my opinion and I actually have one or two. I believe in Change and the American Dream! I voted for Al Gore 8 yrs. ago and John Kerry 4 yrs. ago and was very discouraged, for countless reasons, by America's choice to vote George Bush into office both terms. This time I'm not giving up and am very happy the current national polls are in Obama's favor.
Please check out my Vlog at for some very informative and entertaining videos about why I think Obama/Biden will win...this time!

Earlier today, my friend sent me an email, which explains dramatic differences between the two Republican and Democrat Presidential candidates. Feel free to check it out at
Obama vs. McCain and comment below if you are up for a good debate.

Also, I came across this site while looking for funny political videos:
Funny Political Videos at
We'll be flying to Seattle tomorrow to visit with Dave's mom and family for a few days and I'm sure we'll be taking lots of pics. Visit this site next week for more pictures and stories.

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