Monday, September 11, 2006

WTC Candle
A new week and new things to do in and around LA!

Last Thursday evening on my way home from work, I picked up a Vanity Fair Magazine to see the pictures of Suri Cruise at the Magazine stand on the corner of Laurel Canyon & Ventura Blvd. and Jamie Presley from the TV show, "My Name is Earl" was picking up a few magazines too. Her Escalade was parked next to my car and I noticed that when she got back to her car, she was skimming through the pages of the magazines...probably looking for articles about her. So, just one star this week :(

Dave's mom came to visit us last weekend and we had so much fun :) Thursday night we drove through Hollywood/Beverly Hills and saw the sights and ate Sushi on Sunset at Miyagi's. Friday night we had a wonderful dinner at Vitello's (the restaurant that Bonnie Blake was murdered in front of) and played a game of Scrabble back at home, so we could have a somewhat early night to get ready for an exciting day on Saturday.

Saturday was a wonderful day...we drove to the Santa Barbara area to go wine tasting! I really like the movie, "Sideways" and always wanted to take the Sideways we did. You have to see the movie to understand ;) Anyway, the pictures tell the is a picture of Miles (Paul Giamatti) from "Sideways" and Dave, me and mom at Kalyra Winery in the lovely town of Solvang, pictures from the Firestone Winery (Firestone Tires and Andrew Firestone from the Bachelor) of Ronald Reagan having a glass and some of the grapes in the Vineyard, and me and Dave at the Hitching Post Restaurant:

As you can tell we had a blast and I loved hanging with mom!

On Sunday, I went to Victoria's Baby Shower (the one in the middle) with Melissa (the one on the right)...and hung with my LA buds. There will probably be a ton more pictures of these girls in the future, but here is the first:

More pictures and fun to come... Hope all of you are doing great :)

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