Thursday, September 28, 2006

Have you ever sat down and wrote all your thoughts and feelings, then rethought...and deleted them all? Well, I just did. I can't sleep and was thinking about how we have all grown up in one way or another. Speaking of grown up, here is a picture of me, Denise and Tanya twenty years ago:

We plan to meet in San Diego next month for a reunion of sorts. Should be fun and I'll update the picture...twenty years later ;)

One of the benefits of living in LA is that I have felt somewhat forced to be healthy. I guess it comes with the territory. Last night Dylan and I went for a hike at a place called Willacre Park in the Hollywood Hills about a mile from our apartment. Here are a couple pictures of our hike:

So, that's going to be it for this blog. Funny thing is...I'm starting to get tired of being star struck. Just kidding! Just haven't run across anyone this week, or shall I say...I'm not looking as much as I first did. It's weird cause I work right next door to the Universal Studios and my eyes are starting to hurt from looking for stars so much. Don't they say, when you stop looking...they find you? So I've stopped looking...for now ;)

Oh and one subject I haven't mentioned and cannot believe I have not brought up...I miss alot of people back in San Jose, but most of all I miss my niece! I love her so much and can't wait to see her again (tears flowing now). Here is a beautiful picture of my beautiful niece:

She started kindegarten this year and my brother is coaching her soccer team, "The Ladybugs". Is that the name they picked, Brian?


DK said...

HEY! I know I left a comment on here yesterday... Where'd it go? I remember this like it was yesterday. and if I could figure out how to scan, i'd blog a different pose that I still have. So sexy, Cheri! Look at you! What excellent friends we were! All six of us at that time in our lives... this, i think we either "missed" school or it was the summer when we would ride in Tan's Cherry red Jeep Wrangler with the top off! (our tops off too-bathing suit top underneath, though)
And remember getting into other guys cars along the traffic ride to Santa Cruz? Ahhh, what a life... no responsibilities, I think no b-friends, just sex on the beach (no, MOM, not real sex- the drink.)
Miss those sweet and innocent days of supple bodies and it's the breast fed boobs, cesarian scars and the miracle of babies.... Oh, Cher, i hope you have one soon!
Love you!

DK said...

Ohhhh, for cryin' out LOUD! What's the deal with this "no comment" business?@!? That's part of what the blog is all about. updates, interACTION, and feeling "a part of."

So, get to it and say SOEMTHING to Cheri that lets her know you're at least reading her blog.

PS: Also see mine:

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