Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September started out with a bang! Labor Day 2

After many different job opportunities popped up for Dave, he will start working for WebCity Press next week (
www.webcitypress.com) as an Account Executive. Dave is settling in and now we both love it down here!

I haven't seen any celebrities this week, but not from lack of trying. Oh ya, I forgot to mention in the first blog that I saw Robert Blake at the bank, when I first drove into Studio City. Vitello's (the restaurant where Bonnie Blake was murdered) is about a block from where we live and the Brady Bunch house is about a 1/2 mile away.

For Labor Day weekend, we traveled all over Southern California to see the beautiful sights...and boy did we! We started out Saturday morning with a drive to Palm Springs, where I also called Darla to wish her a Happy Birthday!

I know some of my family might not agree with my gambling habit, but our first stop was the local Indian casino, where I won another $1000 on my favorite Wheel of Fortune slot machine. Then before I could throw all my winnings away, Dave whisked me off for a nice outdoor lunch in downtown Palm Springs. After lunch, we drove about an hour away to Joshua Tree National Park (
http://www.nps.gov/jotr). Joshua Tree was beautiful and there was a torrential downpour too. Here are some pictures from Joshua Tree:

A Joshua Tree
Dave rock climbing

Cheri in the desert

We drove home that night to get ready for more fun in Malibu. Sunday morning we woke up and drove to Malibu and the weather was so beautiful that we decided to keep traveling down the coast. After about 7 hours of driving on Pacific Coast Hwy., we stopped for dinner in Newport Beach and then drove back up Hwy. 405 to get back home. Here are a couple of pictures from our day on the beach:
Malibu Beach
Cheri in Palos Verdes
Dave in Redondo Beach

Last but not least...on Monday, we drove about a mile from our apartment for a lovely day at Universal Studios. It was very crowded and hot, but worth the trip. We started on the Back to the Future Ride, then on to the Studio Tour. Here is a picture of Gabrielle Solis' (Eva Longoria) house on Desperate Housewives (the TV show) from the tour:

And here is one more picture from our day in Universal Studios on Access Hollywood:

I think the pictures speak for themselves! I'll update this site again next week :) I hope everyone is doing great and please keep in touch!
All my best, Cheri

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