Monday, January 15, 2007

I am currently watching the Golden Globes and wish I was there :( I was chosen at 356 on the Wait list to join everyone in the bleacher seats, but at $2400 a seat and being unemployed, I was not able to attend. And on my way home from an interview today, I tried to sneak in, but security is more strict than it ever has been. Anyway as a consolation, I did get to see most of the stars close up last week at the People's Choice Awards :) And I was not chosen in the yearly raffle to join the bleacher seats for the Oscars, so don't look for me there either.
Anyway, this week has been a little slow for excitement, but I did hang out with my friend from San Jose...Donna in Hermosa/Redondo Beach on Friday. No pics of us together, but here are a couple from the day:

As a side note, I am currently on a "Master Cleanse", which is basically fasting for 10 days and I'm now on Day 3. It's actually kind of interesting, as I am learning so much about how bad my body was mistreated throughout the years and at the same time I feel really euphoric. Hopefully, through all this I'll lose some weight too :)

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