Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ok, where to start...I saw way too many stars last night at the SAG Awards :) When we first walked in I saw my two favorite characters from Entourage (Turtle & Eric):

As I stood along the wall, waiting to be seated, Will Smith and Jamie Fox walked by. Within a few minutes, I was quickly whisked off to run/walk through the chairs and tables along the front of the stage to find an available seat. As I was maneuvering through the tables and chairs, I was abruptly stopped by Warren Beatty, who was getting up from his seat. He gave me kind of a disgruntled look, but I just smiled and waited for him to move along. Then I looked up and right in front of me was Leonardo DiCaprio. I paused for a moment and commented on how good looking he was to myself, fanned my face and moved along. I kept on moving, but the Seatfiller supervisor abuptly stopped and told me to take a seat right next to Carol Burnett. I calmly sat down and tried to get my composure back and as soon as I did, I was tapped on the shoulder to get up from my seat :(. We were instructed to stand back in line if we get up from our seats, so I quickly moved back to the line as the show was about to start.

I peered out at the show from the line for a good 1/2 hour and could see Dave sitting right in the middle of the audience near Forest Whittaker, Leonardo and Kiefer Sutherland. After what seemed like hours, I finally found myself back at the front of the line. Julie Andrews was getting her Life Achievement Award, when I was seated again. This time I was sitting at the Desperate Housewives table, and nearby was the Sopranos table. Then Shawn Pyfrom from Desperate Housewives tapped me and as I started to get up I noticed the seat right next to him was I scooted over, because I was not about to stand in that long line and miss the show again.
Here is a pic of Shawn (Bree's son):

Turns out I was sitting in Eva Longoria's seat, because she decided to head off to the after party early with her fiance. Here are some pics of others at this table and I'm sure everyone knows who Terri Hatcher is:

From where I was sitting I could see Dave right in the middle of the room. I wish so badly I had a camera with me, because I had a beautiful view of James Gandolfini, Leonardo, Dave then Kiefer Sutherland right in a row. Of course, I saw many other stars like Eddie Murphy, Annette Benning, the Grey's Anatomy crew, Felicity Huffman, Jennifer Hudson, Mary Tyler Moore and cast, Julie Louis-Dryfus, America Ferrera, Christian Slater, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker and Steve Carrell, who I was really looking forward to seeing...I think he is hilarious on The Office and Little Miss Sunshine. Anyway, all in all a very fun and surreal experience!! I wasn't on TV again, but Dave was several times. He was sitting near Helen Mirren and Forest Whittaker when they won their awards.


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have met/seen all those celebs! I have a stupid question though. What are the SAG awards?

Cheri said...

The SAG Awards stands for Screen Actors Guild.

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