Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another week down, on our way back to San Jose...
On Tuesday, Trisha and I were in the audience for On The Lot, and we were right up in front, sitting directly behind the contestants. The thing about this show is that they don't show the audience as much as American Idol did, so unless I pointed us out, you would not see us. But on the bright side, I think we were probably the most televised audience members. We had a great time!

On Thursday night, I met up with an ex-worker and now good friend, Sanjana, from ROO in NY. She was visiting LA for training on her new job. It was great to meet her live (and complain about our last employer), as we knew each other well by phone and Instant Messenger. Here's a pic of Sanjana and me in Manhattan Beach:

This week I'm off to Colorado with my mom. I'm really looking forward to meeting this part of my family for the first time. I have 6 new cousins and an Aunt and Uncle too! A family reunion of sorts. Plenty of pics to come!

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