Sunday, June 17, 2007
Last week, I traveled to Colorado with my mom to meet my 1/2 Uncle and his family. Over the past year, I learned my Grandma put up her 3rd child (a son) for adoption, when she was 43. His oldest daughter, Alicea (25), contacted a few of my mom's aunts and uncles a couple of years back and long story mom and I started speaking and writing to Alicea over the last few months and we then planned a trip out to meet our new family this month.
My mom arrived in Denver, CO last Monday and I arrived Tuesday afternoon. Our first visitor was Alicea and her husband, Josh. They picked us up at the hotel, then we drove in to North Denver for dinner to meet my mom's brother, John Erickson, and his wife, Denise. Alicea had been looking for her dad's mother since she was 12 yrs. old and we were all really looking forward to this initial meeting. Our nerves settled within a few minutes and we had great conversation the rest of the evening and compared family notes.
Here is a picture from our initial meeting:
Cheri, Denise, John, Karen (mom), Alicea and Josh

Changing the subject, because I have a ton more to write and need to go to bed, as I have quite a bit of work to catch up on tomorrow. In the meantime, I saw a celebrity at the grocery store today. Nikki Taylor (Ali Larter) from "Heroes" was in front of me in the checkout line with her boyfriend. Here's a pic of her:

More to come...

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