Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last weekend, Dave and I drove up to San Jose. On Saturday, we stopped by my friend, Darla's place, for her housewarming party. My brother, Emily and Katie also stopped by the party. Here are a few pics from the party:
Darla and her nieces (Lily and Ruby)
Darla and Selina
Emily and Brian
On Sunday, we visited with my brother, Brian, and niece at his place in Fairfield, where we will be staying for a few weeks, when we move back. I had not seen Emily since her birthday on February 26th, so it was soo great to see her again! When I lived in the Bay Area, I made it a priority to see Emily every month since she was born. Here's a few pics of our visit:

Emily snapped this pic of me

I worked on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday night, we went to dinner with Jenni and Tyler (and Tyler's friend), then we went over to The Boulevard (a local bar in Los Gatos that Darla bartends at) and met up with Katie and Todd. We didn't take any pics :(

On the 4th of July, we met up with Darla, Chuck and Chuck's kids (Hunter & Spencer) and went to a couple of BBQ's and watched the fireworks in Downtown SJ. Here are pics from the night:
Spencer, me, Darla, Chuck and Hunter

Spencer and Darla watching fireworks

I worked again on Thursday, then we headed back to Los Angeles. We made a stop in Pismo Beach to watch the sunset on a very beautiful summer evening:

Now we are back in Los Angeles and I'm about to head out to my cousin, Kristina's birthday party! A few of my friends have birthday's this month (including me), so I'd like to wish a Very Happy Birthday to Denise, Deirdre and Kristina!!

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