Saturday, July 07, 2007

Normally blogs are written about specific subjects and are not necessarily an online diary, such as my site. So, I’ve decided to mix my blog up a bit and will start adding my interests and hobbies too. So you can explore along with me…or not.
Please know that I’m somewhat of an activist, but completely understand some people may be a tad bit judgmental, and not agree with my beliefs or interests. This is fine by me, as I know we are all “special” in our own way. That said, I am all over the board and look forward to meeting new people, seeing new places and learning new things every single day of my life, and documenting it all here on this site. So, here are a few sites, which have recently sparked my interest:

1) I’m always asked what I do for a living and/or what my current career is, so here is a short video about the company I work for: Where I Work
I assist with the Implementation of these customers, who move into datacenters.

2) My cousin is an instructor for a groundbreaking movement technique that will help you discover a great new way to workout and an inspiring body attitude. This ORIGINAL workout inspired by yoga, ballet, striptease and pole dancing, promises to empower, enlighten and change the lives of women everywhere! Today for her birthday, she decided to get all her friends together for a free S Factor session and watch her and her fellow instructors dance too! All women must check out the S Factor website at: S Factor

3) I also do my best to help Save the Planet. I feel the best way to save the planet is to learn as much as we can about how to give our children and our children’s children a cleaner environment to live in. So, I continually educate and inform myself through documentaries, books and various websites that spark my interest. Here are a couple of websites, I’ve found useful:
Resources to create a Green website
World Changing

4) Dave and I recently watched the movie Sicko, by Michael Moore and I'm a real "Michael Moore" fan, so I had no choice but to LOVE this movie ;) This movie is not only great, because Michael is the best documentarian ever, but also because the movie is an honest opinion of our health system (or lack of it) in the United States. I strongly suggest watching this movie and let me know how you feel about our health system and/or the movie. Here's the link: Sicko

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Thanks Cheri Beary I feel so Famous! Luv n hugs, D

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