Sunday, July 22, 2007

WOW...what a week! Last Monday, I flew to Virginia for a week of fun and meetings with my fellow co-workers. Here's a pic of the group:

The pictures from the week say it all. Check out pics from the rest of the week at:
My Co-Workers in VA
My meetings ended on Friday afternoon and I then hungout with my friend, Elise, and her family until my flight on Saturday afternoon. On Friday evening we went to Herndon's Friday Night Live in the local park. Here are a couple of pics of the evening and a short video too:
Elise and daughter, Haley
Elise, Buddy and Haley
And a video of the moment:

Then on Saturday (July 21st), we woke up early and Elise and her friend/neighbor, CJ, graciously drove me to Washington DC to see the sights. Here are some pics from our day:
Elise and Haley
CJ, Elise and Haley in front of the White House

And my favorite picture of all time (I think you know who I'm with and where I am):

We also stopped by the Dept. of Forestry and Smokey the Bear was there! Here's a short video of him:

For more pics from my visit with Elise and her family and friends in Herndon and Washington's the link: Pics from visit with Elise
On my flight back to LA last night, Giovonni Ribisi was on my flight from my lay over in New Orleans to LAX. There was a slight delay and a bunch of issues on the flight itself, but at least I saw a celebrity! Here's a pic of Giovonni:
It was also great to be back in LA, but only because I missed my husband. I was pleasantly surprised, when he picked me up at the airport and handed me a dozen roses!
Anyway, we'll be moving in two weeks and my birthday is this Thursday (July 26th), so much more news and fun to come! Although it may be awhile before I update my blog with all the packing and moving we have to do before we leave for the Bay Area.

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