Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Goodbye Hollywood Sad
And hello friends and family
Well, Dave and I are somewhat settled in the Bay Area now and life is moving along. I miss some things about LA (definitely not the traffic), but now that I'm back I realize I missed my friends and family the most. Dave and I both grew up here and it just feels way too good to be back home! Although, we are gypsies at the moment until we find a place a little closer to San Jose. We are temporarily staying with my brother in Fairfield (near Napa) and commuting back to San Jose. During the week, I'm staying with my great friend, Darla, who is much closer to my job.
Since I left off on the last blog, we've visited with many of our family members and friends. To begin, Dave and I met up with my cousins, Kristina and her husband for a drink and had a great time catching up, but not so great saying, "goodbye". We will definitely keep in touch though. I also visited with my friend, Denise, for a nice birthday dinner on Sunday.
Then the following Wednesday my mother-in-law (Joyce) visited with us for our last two days in LA. It's been another odd dream of mine to go on a guided tour of Celebrity houses in the Hollywood Hills and Joyce helped me fulfill this dream. It was everything I hoped it would be and very relaxing after a day of packing. Here's a couple of pics from our tour:
Dave and mom
The house Benson (TV show from the 70's) was taped

And this tree is a very famous tree, as it was the tree Lindsay Lohan hit when she "allegedly" drank and drove back in December of 2006.
I have a ton more pictures of the day, but am not able to recall who actually owned any of the houses. When we arrived back at the Mann's Chinese Theatre, we walked across the street for a very nice dinner at the infamous Roosevelt Hotel in the middle of Hollywood. All in all a great way to end our time in LA.
I hate to cut this blog short, because I have so much more to write, but need to get to's a work night. I'll definitely add more tomorrow. Good night!

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