Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Whew, this must have been the busiest 2 weeks in my life. It's difficult to explain how much I have been through and done in the last 2 weeks in just one blog, but I'll try ;) To begin, two weeks ago I hung out with my brother, niece and husband for a full 2 day weekend (mainly my niece). My niece and I started with a fun trip to Miniature Golfing on Friday night, then Saturday morning we went to get pedicures, then on Sunday we went to the Napa County Fair...and all of these things were first's for my niece, which obviously made the weekend even better. Here are a few pics of our weekend:

Then, of course, I worked during the week, but also caught up with my friends, Darla, Jenni and Katie during the evenings and maybe a few more friends, but I can't recall offhand. On Thursday night, my company had a going away party for our previous CEO, and I had such a blast. Here are a few pics (please note, I dropped my camera at this event, so the pics are not the best quality):

Me and Rheyna*****************Me and Christopher

Gosh, I love being back at this company!! Great people...I can't believe I ever left and soo happy they took me back with open arms.
Okay, then we move to Friday afternoon when my friend, Denise, from Minnesota flew in to hang with me for my 20th High School Reunion on Saturday night. So, Friday night was Girls Night Out! A few of the 'ol high school gang all got together...otherwise known as the "blondes" (back in school) and went out for a night on the town. Here are a few pics of our night (bought a new camera for these pics):
Lynn, Denise, Darla, Rushelle and Tanya- I replaced Darla in this one

No comment on this pic...someone stole my camera (wink, wink)
On Saturday night, Denise and I stayed at the San Jose Hilton, which is where my 20th High School Reunion was held. We had a blast, although there were a few mishaps, which I don't want to reveal to the entire world, so you'll have to ask me offline. Let's just say...friends come first! But the good news is...I received an apology from one of my elementary school classmates, because he used to make fun of me for sucking my fingers (the two middle fingers on my left hand) until the 6th grade. That was great to hear, because I think that's a small part of what led to my self-consciousness and addiction issues. I just couldn't let go of the "thumbsucking"! Anyway, it was great to see some old faces and I'll always have the memories. I didn't take too many pics, but here is one pic:

And last, but definitely not least...on Sunday, Dave and I celebrated our 2 year Wedding Anniversary with an afternoon trip to Napa, dinner and a showing of Bourne Ultimatum that night. Believe it or not, we also saw Alec Baldwin at the Louis Martini Winery too. Here are a few pics:
Taco Bell and Wine...nothing better!

Welp, that's it for now. I have another friend visiting from out of town this weekend, so more pics and blogs to come.

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