Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SmileyCentral.comWOO HOO!! Today is a very special day! Do you know what today is? Alright, I give up...It's the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my first blog...August 29th, 2006!!

Talk about alot of changes in one year! I've traveled all over the US, changed jobs and back again, met new friends and family, hung with ol' friends and family, moved to LA and back to the Bay Area, been televised, sat in the audience for a few award shows (People's Choice and SAG Awards), seen 100s of celebrities, celebrated holidays and birthdays, went to my 20 year high school reunion, watched my niece grow up, and most of my husband even more than I did last year! Hopefully, next year I'll have even bigger news...maybe an addition to the family (wink, wink).

And this last weekend, I also spent some time with more friends and family. Here are a couple of pics:
Emily at Miniature Golf (Saturday)
Dave Bowling for Chuck's Birthday (Saturday)
Tyler, Jenni, Me, Elise and Haley (Sunday)
It's going to be a much slower weekend this Labor Day Weekend, as I could use a break from all the driving back and forth from Fairfield to San Jose and work (it is Labor Day and all). Hopefully, we will find a place near San Jose soon, as it's not super fun living out of a suitcase :(
Oh ya, also, if you've read this far into my me a favor and leave me a comment. Haven't had one in awhile, but I know at least 50 people a week check out my blog :) If anything, I hope I am entertaining you a bit. Ciao for now!

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