Sunday, November 04, 2007

We were welcomed back to the Bay Area on October 30th by a little 5.6 Earthquake...and they said there were no injuries ;) Look what happened to my knee, when I dove under Dave's table:

On Halloween (still recovering from the earthquake), we hung around and handed out candy to the Trick or Treaters. We only had a couple of knocks on the the door, so Dave and I will have to devour the rest of the candy...
Also, this week I began making some improvements in my life. I cut out a few bad habits (for good this time) and am trying to make better personal and physical changes, as well. More to come on this subject.
Yesterday, Dave and I decided to venture over the Santa Cruz Mountains for a hike and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh, clean air of Northern California.
Our first stop was one of the best hiking trails, I've ever been on and it was very scenic. Here's the website for Waddell Creek - Rancho Del Oso hiking trail, if you want to check it out sometime. It's worth the drive along the Northern Pacific Coast.
Check out these pics:

I call this one "Colors of Fall" ! Gotta love the change of seasons.

After our 3 hour hike, we drove up the coast about 10 miles to a little beach town, called Pescadero and noticed this striking lighthouse down the coast line. So, we pulled over and snapped a few pics of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

After our pit stop at the lighthouse, we drove back down the coast to another little town, called Davenport for dinner at Davenport Roadhouse. We liked the atmosphere there, but the food could've been better and the menu was very limted in selection with many foods, we had not heard of before. Anyway, just being a food critic.
We topped off the evening with a movie (Dan in Real Life), came home reset our clocks for Daylight Savings and went to bed.

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