Monday, April 07, 2008

Again, it's been awhile since I last posted and as usual, I've been busy. The week before last, I traveled down to LA for work and met up with a few friends.
On Saturday night, I met up with my friend, Trisha, for dinner at the Geisha House in Hollywood. I thought we saw Shawn Michael Scott (Stiffler from American Pie) at a table near us, but not 100% sure it was him. Same mannerisms, but not the same smile. Sunday, I met up with my friend, Denise. I was very happy to see both of them again! My hotel was about 2 blocks away from where we lived in Studio City, so it was great to be back in my ol' stomping grounds again too. Here's a pic of me and Trisha at the Geisha House havin fun:

Odd...but while I was in LA this time, I didn't have my normal cravings to take pictures of everything in sight and relied solely on my friends to take pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my friends and co-workers, while I was there.

Last weekend (April 5th) Dave's best friend, Dan, and my good friend, Jenni, both celebrated birthdays and I wish them both a very Happy Birthday!
Here's a pic of me and Amanda last home in Los Gatos:

And last, but definitely not least...CHECK OUT ME AND MY NEW CAR! It's a convertible and those of you, who are long time friends, know I've been wanting a convertible since I flunked my first two driving tests, when I was 16. I'm looking forward to taking my niece for a drive along the coast with the top down, just like my Aunt did with me when I was young. Thanks Dan! Now it's time to put the 89 Honda Prelude out to pasture...

Here are a couple of websites that I found interesting:
The Green Curve - First Green Gas Station
The Green Curve

A new company, built from the ground up by 3 ex-Google employees. Ooyala focuses on building video syndication and monetization solutions for the distribution of high quality video content. This is the wave of the future...I feel it.

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