Friday, April 18, 2008

Last weekend, Dave and I drove up to Napa Valley for Sonoma's Film Festival and a little wine tasting. We enjoyed walking around Downtown Sonoma on a beautiful spring day and catch a movie as the sun set. Check out their website at: Sonoma Film Festival for more information.
Here are some pics from the day:

Saturday night, we stayed at my brother's house and were pleasantly surprised to see our friends, Natalie and Paul and catch up, because we hadn't seen them in a couple of years. Paul and Natalie will be getting married this August in the Napa Valley. Congratulations!!!
Here's a pic of the 3 of them.

...and on Sunday, I picked up my niece in my new car and we went for a drive to pick up brunch.
I can't explain how great it was to continuously look back at my niece and see her smiling really big and enjoying the sun and wind on her face. Gotta love her ;) Here are a couple pics of my beautiful niece, Emily:

In lieu of Earth Day, check out this website for new, interesting and downright funny information on how to go Green:
ViroPOP- A new environmental pop culture website with a sense of irreverent fun.

Tomorrow, Dave and I will be driving up to Pier 39 for Earthfest at the Aquarium of the Bay. Check out the website for the Aquarium of the Bay, as it's one of the best graphic interfaces, I've ever seen: Aquarium of the Bay

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