Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day
Dave and I had a great day today...celebrating Earth Day! This morning we went to Pasadena for the Conscious Living Fair. Here's a picture of the Hoola Hoop dancers, dancing to Reggae Music:

Then we went to the Autry National Center in Griffith Park for the 1st Annual Environmental Film Festival - Earth Day, to see the movie, Who Killed the Electric Car? .
Before and after the movie, there was a Q&A with Ed Begley Jr. and Alexandra Paul, the celebrities in this movie. We also met with Chris Paine, the Director & Writer.

Here's a pic of the statue in front of the Autry National Center (Gene Autry):

After the movie, we came home and watched Green. It’s the New Red, White and Blue on the Discovery Channel. Check out the website(s) in this blog, by scrolling over the bold, dark green Title's of the movies and double clicking to link directly to the websites and learn all about how you to can...Save the Planet!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok. so how about a bit on the 'Secret' and how it's working for you
i am curious


Cheri said...

The Secret is working for me...haven't used it as much lately, but I do have a VisionBoard that needs to be updated. Basically, the Secret is about being an optimist, which I try to be in my every day life :)

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