Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Okay, so this VA Tech Massacre has really affected me, and I felt the need to rebut on my blog. After reading Cho Seung-Hui's plays on AOL.com, I posted the following comment:
Janna, you are absolutely right about the Formative years (earlychildhood) and what happens during youth creates what individuals become as adults. Why then, does the media not publish what the parents of these psycho killers have to say about why their children turned out the way they did? Have we heard anything from Cho's parents? Or for that matter, Klebold's and Harris' parents from Columbine 8 yrs. ago? I think they can help us learn how to see the signs, before something like this happens again. Or at the very least apologize for missing the signs, in order to help us all prevent a terrible tragedy like this from happening again.
My comments are only for parents, who may read this blog, and decide not to ignore signs from their children. It's obviously time for some serious change!! As soon as I come into some money, you will see a documentary on this subject.

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