Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Another interesting day in LA yesterday. It's our 3rd fire since we moved here almost a year ago. We've only had 3 inches of rain this season, which is probably the reason for the numerous fires. We live about 3 miles from Griffith Park and it "was" a nice place to go hiking by the Hollywood sign.
I took a break away from work to grab some lunch yesterday (05/08/07) and while I was in line at Taco Bell in Hermosa Beach...I looked up and saw this cloud of smoke in the distance:

I turned on the radio on my way back to work and the news was bombarded with people calling in and explaining what they could see from the Valley all the way down to the OC. Turns out a homeless person fell asleep in Griffith Park with a cigarette in his hand and over 600 acres were burned. There was no structural damage and again, no one was hurt...accept the homeless guy, who had 2nd & 3rd degree burns. Here's a little video I found on YouTube:

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