Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Don't forget to TIVO American Idol Wednesday night, May 2nd :) And vote for BLAKE (or Melinda)!!!
I had a wonderful weekend, as usual. On Friday night, Dave and I just relaxed, watched a movie on TV and played Scrabble. On Saturday, we planned to drive down to Hermosa Beach to go Roller Blading, but ended up in Venice. We haven’t visited Venice, since we moved down to LA and we forgot how much fun it is to people watch there (much better than Santa Cruz). Here are a couple pics from Venice (from my cell phone camera):

On Sunday, I cleaned my car, went to the Farmers Market (only saw a couple of minor celebrities, whose names I do not recall) and did some laundry to prepare for my trip to San Jose this Wednesday night (after American Idol), then headed to my friend Denise’s place for a fun night of Karaoke.

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Anonymous said...

ok, you got my curiosity... what was the habit?
Remember the third week and third month are most trying when breaking a habit.
so what is it? email me if u don't want to publicize it
love ya, cher

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