Sunday, May 06, 2007

SmileyCentral.comI'm back home, but had a great time in San Jose. I flew out to San Jose last Wednesday night for work on Thursday and Friday and stayed for the weekend to visit with friends for Cinco De Mayo. On Friday night, I stopped by my old stomping grounds, The Boulevard Tavern, and my co-worker, Ricky and his girlfriend, Marina, met up with me. I also hung out with Darla, Katie, Todd and Adam and stayed the night at Darla's place. Here are a few pics from Friday night:
Ricky and Marina

Katie, Darla and Me..........................Todd, Katie and Darla

On Saturday, I visited with my friend, Jenni, and watched her son, Tyler's, baseball game. Then back to Los Gatos for a wonderful Cinco De Mayo Party at DD and Mark's place. Here are a few pics from the night (see more pics on on the left side of this page):

Landing back in Burbank :)
While I was walking to pick up my luggage, I saw Neil Patrick Harris, aka Doogie Howser walking the opposite direction and it reminded me how happy I am to be in LA, so I can see all the celebrities. Here's a pic of him:

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